Hole cutters


Hole saw set 7pcs 2" 26-63mm

Hole cutters - Hole saw set 7pcs 2 26-63mm
2.50 EUR
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Adjustable circle hole cutter

Hole cutters - Adjustable circle hole cutter
6.88 EUR
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Round holes Saw set 11pcs

Saw wood ring set 11pr. /19-65мм/ "SKRAB" Saws are made of stainless tool steel. It is used for drilling holes in hard and soft wood, drywall, plastic.
Hole cutters - Round holes Saw set 11pcs
7.46 EUR
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Hole saw 11pcs

Hole cutters - Hole saw 11pcs
11.19 EUR
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Hole saw 8pcs 2"-4"

Hole cutters - Hole saw 8pcs 2-4
12.95 EUR
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