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Lukturis LED  BP-3920 - bab 18u lik - Torchs

Lukturis LED BP-3920

22.00 EUR
Mod. BAS3920

50% power (working time ok.9h) led flashlight “;cree”; pulsed light (like strobe) car charger 230v ac charger battery li-ion fixng leash by hand case...

Gloves - bab 18u lik - Super Grip Glove A730

Super Grip Glove A730

12.78 EUR
Mod. A730

designed to give a high performance grip for workers who like to have a good handle on things, this glove has an extra grip silicon covered palm with reinforced thumb and breathable sidewalls.   fabric: synthetic leather, silicon, lycra, spandex....

Work shoes - bab 18u lik - Ladies Safety Trainer S1P FW39

Ladies Safety Trainer S1P FW39

51.62 EUR
Work shoes
Mod. FW39

steelite specially designed for the female foot. in eye catching baby blue colouring this safety trainer will appeal to all female workers. sizes: 36 - 42. fabric: action leather. full sizes only. colour : black....

bab 18u lik - Hi-Vis Rain Trousers H441 - Trousers

Hi-Vis Rain Trousers H441

16.48 EUR
Mod. H441

new certified to en471 class 1:2 & en343 class 3:1. like the hi-vis rain jacket, our hi-vis rain trousers are lightweight and extremely practical. they can be layered over the wearers own trousers for complete waterproof protection. sizes : s - xxxl....

bab 18u lik - Jackets - Hi-Vis Breathable Jacket, Class 3 RT60

Hi-Vis Breathable Jacket, Class 3 RT60

59.60 EUR
Mod. RT60

certified to en471 class 3:2 & en343 class 3:3 & go/rt 3279. designed to meet the new requirements for class 3:3 railwear, this jacket will give peace of mind to workers relying on clothing to ensure their safety every day. like all our hivis...