tools instrument lv

Bags for Tools - tools instrument lv - Instrumentu josta

Instrumentu josta

6.36 EUR
Bags for Tools
Mod. EGA1471


tools instrument lv - Mason's hammer w/fibergla - Hammer

Mason's hammer w/fibergla

9.90 EUR 8.90 EUR
Mod. 20084

roofing tinsmith tools...

Chisels, kerns SDS - Adapter SDS max - SDS plu - tools instrument lv

Adapter SDS max - SDS plu

12.61 EUR 11.00 EUR
Chisels, kerns SDS
Mod. 31701

adapter with sds-max on sds-plus rotary hammers used to . it extends the technological capabilities of the instrument. using the tool permits the use of sds-plus rotary hammer with a three-jaw chuck . the adapter is easily installed on the tool and...

 - tools instrument lv - smilšpapīrs ūdensizturīgs А4 (50 loksnes) (TEHMAŠ)

smilšpapīrs ūdensizturīgs А4 (50 loksnes) (TEHMAŠ)

8.00 EUR


Spray tools rent - Spiral Air Hose 10m X 12mm - tools instrument lv

Spiral Air Hose 10m X 12mm

1.00 EUR/day
Spray tools rent
Mod. 50234


Air brush kit - Spray tools rent - tools instrument lv

Air brush kit

2.00 EUR/day
Spray tools rent
Mod. 50041


Toolbox 19 - tools instrument lv - Toolbox

Toolbox 19"

21.61 EUR 19.90 EUR
Mod. 27585

toolbox 486x267x242 mm frost skrab with metal locks a workshop or studio, at home or at the cottage - tool kit will be useful for a variety of activities and help to have on hand all the necessary tools....

tools instrument lv - Compressors - Compressor 24l with a set of pneumatic tools

Compressor 24l with a set of pneumatic tools

141.00 EUR
Bass Polska
Mod. BAS4411

technical data tank: 24l  power: 230v / 50hz  power: 1100w  working pressure: 8 bar  working capacity: 116 l / min  speed: 2850rpm kit air compressor 24l  set of pneumatic tools 4 pcs....

tools instrument lv - Solo 421 Granulu kaisītājs - Garden tools

Solo 421 Granulu kaisītājs

81.00 EUR
Garden tools
SOLO (Vācija)

svars 2.5 kg tilpums 9 kg garantija 2 g...

Grinding stones - tools instrument lv - Dimanta frēzes komplekts (20 gab.)

Dimanta frēzes komplekts (20 gab.)

9.93 EUR
Grinding stones
BGS technic
Mod. BGS1607

- for electric grinding tools - diamond coated for use glass, ceramics, steel, stainless steel - various types - drive shaft: 3 mm...

tools instrument lv - Pipe wrenches - Pipe wrench 3 - 600 mm

Pipe wrench 3" - 600 mm

20.50 EUR
Pipe wrenches
Mod. EGA2151

3"" - 600 mm made of tool steel forged hardened jaws handle covered with flexible plastic material: tool steel...

Gear puller - tools instrument lv - Gear рuller 3 legs 3

Gear рuller 3 legs 3"

4.93 EUR
Gear puller
Mod. 26410

mechanical triple remover - a device with a fast and simple installation to perform secure grip parts. the construction has three legs, which increases the possibilities of the instrument. when the need to make a minimum of effort. removal tool...